APG, Amsterdam


New office design and technology empowering flexible working

After more than 2 years of lockdowns, APG implemented the re-imagination of its workplace strategy: the Workspace Project. APG embraces the practice of flexible ‘nomadic’ working, marked by the exciting renovation of the company’s offices in Heerlen and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In Amsterdam, at the EDGE Amsterdam West office (of which APG is one of six tenants), it was vital to listen to the needs of different users and put them first, in both the design and the technology solution.

APG guided the adaptation process by giving employees the chance to co-create their workspace, organizing several interactive meetings and interventions, and helping their employees to get the most out of the experience in the new state-of-art, sustainable building. With the move away from fixed desks and under-desk storage to more open and collaborative zones and video conference spaces, the provision of flexible storage became a must-have. Joyce Dekkers (Facility Manager ): “Employees no longer sit in the same chair all day – it is a mix between activity time and workstation time. We encourage people to make use of the flexible space. And as employees move to their next meeting but do not want to take all their stuff with them, we needed a smart locker solution”.

Vecos' smart lockers: enabling a dynamic workplace

Vecos is proud to be selected by APG as the smart locker solution provider for their floors in the smart EDGE Amsterdam West building. Our team worked closely with APG to assess the new Amsterdam workplace design and advise on the provision of smart and flexible storage. We advised to install 1.019 smart lockers to support more than 1.500 APG employees.

We believe that any locker can become a smart locker, no matter the material or type of locker. APG provides its employees small and large lockers. Small lockers to store only a handful of items, and large lockers for those employees who bring a purse, a gym bag, a coat, IT equipment, and more. At APG, employees can deploy even larger lockers with archival purposes to be used by big teams and groups to store shared project materials.

With the dynamic ‘Day Locker’ setting, configured with Vecos’ Releezme software, anti-claim rules are in place so that users cannot claim a locker for more than 2 days. Email notifications have also been set up to automatically remind the user to release the locker, should they start to ‘claim’ a locker and stop using the facilities in a dynamic way. By supporting and nudging the dynamic use of the lockers, it ensures APG has locker capacity available for its users.

Through the data provided by Releezme, APG can generate reports and analyze the locker usage by building, floor, locker bank and even individual locker. With these data-rich insights, APG can further optimize the use of their lockers and save on floorspace.

A future-proof solution giving end-users an integrated experience

The Vecos system integrates with any existing, or future, IT, or Internet-of-Things ecosystem. There is no need to manually add or remove users in the software environment – this is all taken care of via an automatic (SCIM) connection with the access control system. Looking ahead, APG is set to launch a new workplace app to book space, lockers, and meeting rooms. Our Releezme API ensures that both Facility Management and end users have a seamless and integrated experience. A future-proof smart solution that adapts, scales, and grows with your business.


1500 Employees


1019 Lockers


1 System

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