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A Scandinavian frontrunner in activity-based working

Tele2 is a European telecommunications operator headquartered in the Kista Science City, Stockholm, Sweden. It is a major telephone operator in the Nordic and Baltic countries and an alternative provider in many others. Their main task is to enable everyone to live a more connected life. 

Tele2 decided as one of the first Scandinavian companies to create an open and dynamic workplace. The activitybased working method is supported by the design and innovative systems used in their headquarters. Tele2 tells its 14 million customers in 8 countries that their mobile networks can enable them to work from anywhere. At the organization’s new head office in Stockholm, Sweden, employees are now being given the opportunity to do the same. 

Unlocking connectivity in the workplace  

Tele2 has integrated the Vecos locker management system to contribute to the efficiency of their workforce in their every day tasks. As it is a big company with a high number of employees, Tele2 believes in flexibility and the best and most efficient management of the working spaces. The usage of the Vecos Smart Locker System makes collaboration easier between employees and it enables them to freely move around in the office. 

At Tele2’s headquarters in Kista, 3,340 lockers are made smart with the Vecos Smart Locker System. More than 5,808 Tele2 employees can make use of these lockers – not only at the headquarters, but also at 6 other Tele2 office locations all over Sweden.  

“The office is more than a workspace; it is a social space too. We want you to come to work here because this is where the magic happens.”
Birgit Imponen
Facilities Manager at Tele2

The results

  • Tele2 has been a frontrunner in activity-based working 
  • A total of 4,129 smart lockers are available to almost 6,000 Tele2 employees 
  • Productivity improved by 26% after the move to the new building 

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