Client Story

La Maison Sanofi

France / Pharmaceuticals

Hospitality First: Creating a home away from home

Named La Maison Sanofi, the new building is intended to be as welcoming as ‘a home’. Hospitality codes have been adopted, from the personalized welcome to the catering spaces, not to mention the work floors with their collaborative zones and cocoon areas. The lighting changes throughout the day according to the brightness of the outside and the acoustics have been specifically designed to reduce street noise as much as possible. The eco-designed furniture and decoration were specifically studied and chosen in collaboration with Studios agency and contribute to the comfort of the spaces with the abundant use of warm colors, comfortable and sustainable materials, such as tables made from recycled glass bottles or floor coverings made from old fishing nets.

Sanofi’s new headquarters incorporate state-of-the-art digital and collaborative resources, including the deployment of the latest video conferencing technologies for an immersive meeting experience. An app allows employees to manage their entire day, at their fingertips: informing them of their remote working days or their arrival on the site, accessing their locker, booking a room or catering services and being aware of La Maison Sanofi events.

Watch the video below to see how Sanofi has made the Vecos Smart Locker System an integral part of their spectacular new headquarters in Paris, France.

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