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The Future in Motion... with Vecos

Since its foundation in 1871, the multinational Continental AG has been based in Hanover, Germany, and is of great economic importance to the city and its inhabitants. The well-being of both employees and local residents has been a leading factor in the design for this building. Five different volumes signify the five main divisions of Continental. They come together in two distinctive, connected buildings, structures that are loosely organized around two light and airy atriums that emphasize the campus-like feel of the complex.

Since December 1, 2023, around 2,400 employees from the group functions as well as the Tires and ContiTech group sectors have been working at the campus, an integrated open-space concept with areas for interaction and collaboration as well as quiet zones for focused work.

Twice as many employees as desks

Thanks to state-of-the-art communication and media equipment, work can be organized with a high degree of flexibility. Instead of assigned workstations, employees can choose where they want to work using a desk booking system.

Flexible working requires flexible personal storage. And that’s where Vecos comes in: with our smart locker system, we connected more than 1,800 lockers to the Vecos Smart Locker System. It allows employees and visitors to store personal belongings in a personal locker for a defined time frame or time duration. That way, Continental does not need 1 locker for each contracted employee and therefore saves on money, time, and resources.

Smart lockers for workplace organization
"We have created a place where our vision, values and culture can come alive in an open, connected and sustainable working environment."
Nikolai Setzer
CEO at Continental

Ready to get smart?

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