Smart Lockers: Revolutionize Workplace Storage with Vecos

Unlock seamless locker management and elevate employee experience with smart lockers. Our customizable SaaS-based solution is tailored to fit the unique needs of your flexible office environment, optimizing space and productivity.

Unlock Efficiency: Elevate Workplace Management with self service Smart Lockers

Automated locker management

Seamless and rich user experience

Maximized FM productivity and time savings

Easy to manage, scale, and adapt

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Smart Lockers automate Locker Management Effortlessly

Say goodbye to manual locker configuration. With smart lockers, your facilities team saves up to 90% of their time on locker management. Our intuitive software allows for automatic locker setup and synchronization with existing access control systems, providing real-time insights into locker usage and occupancy.

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Self-Service Smart Lockers enhance employee experience

Empower your workforce with self-service smart lockers designed for seamless user experience. With smart office lockers, employees can effortlessly assign themselves lockers using RFID technology or smartphone authentication, eliminating the hassle of manual assignments.

Smart Locker system designed to transform the way your people work

Boost employee experience at your hybrid office. Join Global frontrunners like EY, Accenture, and Ford and deliver a superior employee experience while saving time on locker management, using Vecos on-demand smart lockers.

Smart Lockers adapt to your workplace needs

Whether it’s personal lockers for individual employees or dynamic day lockers or team lockers for shared use, a smart locker system offers customizable configurations to suit any workplace requirement. Easily adapt lockers for your workplace needs with a simple click, promoting flexibility and freedom of movement.

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Smart Lockers use real-time user insights to scale and adapt with growing workforce

Real-time data helps your facilities team understand how office lockers are used. Track occupancy rates, monitor locker usage patterns, and optimize resources effectively to meet the evolving needs of your growing workforce.

How Accenture made informed storage decisions using Vecos smart locker system

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The Vecos SaaS-based smart locker software makes locker management easy and automated and ensures a seamless and rich experience for your employees. Download our brochure to know more.

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