Smart locker system for flexible workplaces

Customizable, Saas-based office locker system for easy and automated locker management, tailored specifically for your workplace. An all-in-one solution for all your workplace storage needs.

Automated locker management

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Easy to manage, scale, and adapt

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Automate locker management - Our lockers manage themselves

With digital workplace lockers, your facilities team spends 90% less time on locker configuration and management. With smart locker software, your team can automatically create locker configurations as well as import and synchronize data with the existing access control database.

In a virtual environment, you can see exactly which lockers are in use and you can easily generate reports about the locker use in your office. In addition, you can see all users, their rights, and other relevant data in one overview.


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Enhance employee experience

Our self-service office lockers are designed for an effortless user experience. The whole manual locker assignment thing becomes ‘’something in the past’’ as now users can assign themselves to the lockers and use them as and when they need. Our smart lockers allow users to open, exchange and release lockers completely independently. Lockers can be opened with a smartphone, an office pass, fingerprint and more.

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Lockers are tailored to fit your workplace needs

With electronic employee lockers, you can create multiple configurations in a way that fits all your workplace needs. Our workplace lockers can be used as personal lockers whereby employees can have their own private space, even in the most dynamic workplace. Or it can be configured as day lockers where more than one employee can use it in a day. This removes all barriers to flexible working and supports total freedom of movement.

Lockers can also be used for visitors or a central place to store parcels. So, with a simple click, you can essentially assign and re-assign any locker to be more than just personal storage.

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Real-time user insights to scale and adapt with growing workforce

Real-time data helps your facilities team understand how office lockers are used. With smart office lockers, you can know more about locker usage, occupancy usage, and employee behavior and then use that data to adapt and optimize resources effectively. These insights can be on a high level or can be really granular, right down to individual locker bank or locker level, to help problem-solve any reports of missing belongings from the locker, see who last used the locker, or even help aide in contact tracing.

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Global organizations like EY, Deloitte, and Microsoft are saving up to 40% of their office space with the Vecos smart locker system.  Discover how smart locker systems increase flexibility and support successful dynamic workplaces.