We are proud of our partnerships

Strategic alliances

Going all-in is part of our DNA and has delivered our greatest success stories. This is certainly the case when we look at our allied partners. Our allied partnerships have delivered commercial success with a long list of happy clients around the world as a result.

Discover how our allied partners help you flex.

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Furniture Channel Partners

We work with global powerhouse furniture brands, as well as local, agile interior specialists. This ensures a smooth transition and single point of contact, always. Our furniture channel partners deliver the right locker cabinets, to create an integrated, turn-key smart locker solution. Our system can work with any locker design and material.

We fully trust in our renowned partners amongst which are MillerKnoll, Steelcase, Kinnarps, Haworth, P2, Fair Furniture Group, Hollman, Pami Workspace Designers, and Ahrend.

Global Installation Network

Effortless installation with our global installation network. Have your lockers installed by the people who designed it. Save yourself from unnecessary headaches with our local installation experts near you.

IT & Integrations

We have over 285 API integrations actively connected to top-tier tech platforms and third-party technologies, including workplace systems, access control solutions, and identity management systems.

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Smart lockers for flexible workplaces

Find out how Vecos will help you flex!

More and more modern workplaces are transitioning into dynamic, hybrid work environments – and dynamic storage has a pivotal role to play. Speak to a Vecos expert to find out how you can easily raise your storage game and make your hybrid workplace a success.

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