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EY Stockholm

Scandinavia / Professional Services

Attention to Every Detail

EY’s (Ernst & Young) new LEED Platinum headquarters in Stockholm is a contemporary and multifunctional office that offers the best of both worlds: the comfort of home and the cutting-edge functionality of the workplace. Designed by Tengbom, the office promotes health, creativity and interaction and is intended to attract and retain employees and customers. The new office is part of a larger international development strategy at EY – including new ways of working – and reflects the local experience of Stockholm.

The attention to detail and quality is a constant throughout, with sustainable, natural materials that embrace timelessness and capture the essence of the Stockholm surroundings. Tengbom has designed an array of site-specific furniture items such as rugs, tables, planters and signs that reinforce the concept of “Stockholm, city of islands”.

Repurposing the office as a space for collaboration and creativity, Tengbom has created an office of the future with a strong local connection. More than 1,000 Vecos Smart Lockers empower 3,600 users to store personal belongings safely and securely, wherever in the building they want.

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