Locker rooms

Highly flexible working environments like warehouses, logistic centers and research facilities need to accommodate employees in rotating shifts, making smart storage indispensable.

Our smart locker system is designed and built for absorbing changing staff in locker room environments.

100% Self-service for added flexibility

Easy to use

Contactless and easy to clean

Real Time Data and Analytics

Easy to use lockers

Working at warehouses or logistics center means multiple employee shifts and intensive use of lockers. Using our smart lockers at the beginning of a shift, opening and releasing them again after the shift is simple, fast and error-free. Employees can use their access cards at the terminal and the system automatically assigns a locker. Once their shift is over, they can use their access card to release the lockers for someone else. Our system also sends automated notifications to remind the employees to release their lockers before they leave the office premises.

Fewer Administrative Hassles

One of the major struggles with lockers in locker rooms is the redundant and time-consuming administrative chores. Employees loose keys or forget pincodes. Our lockers operate not with keys or batteries but with hi-tech technologies like smartphones, access cards and even facial recognition – saving up to 90% of facility management time. Facility managers can also set up rules around locker usage and the system ensures that shift switches remain under control, either through automatic blockages or release for the non-manually released lockers after shift switches. By means of reports, a quick overview is provided of how lockers are used, what the capacity is and how this develops over time.

Safety and Cleanliness

Because employees work in shifts, their safety and hygiene are our number one concern. Administration can configure the lockers in a way that there is 6 feet of distance between two lockers, hence maintaining social distancing. Also, once an employee releases a locker, the system can hold it and send a notification to the cleaning crew and block the locker until it is cleaned. The cleaning crew receives a list of the lockers to be cleaned and releases them after cleaning. This ensures every employee has an available and clean locker and also ensures optimal use of facilities.

Real-time Data and Analytics

To better understand locker usage and occupancy, our locker system provides access to real-time data, insights and reports. Administration can have a bird’s eye view of who uses the lockers, occupancy rates, frequency of use, etc. Think of how easy it will be for your facility managers when they no longer need to keep a log of the shifts on excel! With our locker manavgement software, you can have insight into the use of employees, optimization possibilities of capacity, and the certainty that locker use is monitored and controlled.

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