Client Story

Capgemini Le Bourget-du-Lac

France / Professional Services

A haven of peace in an innovation hub

Through a concept that connects Capgemini’s workspaces to the landscape elements constituting the Lake Bourget region, Design & Build contractor Tetris has imagined spaces focused on nature.

Always with a view to improving the working experience of its employees, Capgemini entrusted Tétris with the design and implementation of this project which is integrated into the group’s development charter, and which takes into account the specificities linked at the heart of Capgemini’s business, a technology-oriented company with significant needs for IT in particular. In order to facilitate the appropriation of future “flex office” spaces, change management workshops were conducted with employees. This great business project aims more specifically to instill a new dynamic by taking advantage of more attractive premises, and thus promote the quality of life at work for employees happy to come and work in the office and thus perpetuate the team spirit.

Vecos is the proud supplier of the Smart Locker System at Capgemini. Not only at Bourget du Lac with 243 smart lockers, but at 8 Capgemini locations in France. All 37,488 users have access to all 8,500 lockers throughout France. Worldwide, the Vecos Smart Locker System is active in Poland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United States.

Smart Lockers helping people at Capgemini flex

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