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Deloitte counts on Vecos to save space with smart storage 

1 New Street Square (1NSS) is Deloitte’s flagship London building which opened its doors in July 2018. As well as offering more flexible workspaces for staff and improved facilities for clients, the building is “intelligent” through the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

Thinking differently about space  

As part of the Creating Spaces program, Deloitte’s new HQ at 1 New Street Square now forms the central hub of the new campus. There were five key principles that guided the design of 1NSS. The space needed to be unique, connected, simple, relevant, and inspiring. By breaking the traditional allocation of space and shifting their thinking to ‘our space’ instead of ‘your desk’ or ‘my office’, the new Deloitte campus was brought to life, for everyone’s use, with spaces that can be booked as needed, and freedom in where and how to work.  

"At Deloitte, we’re transforming our workplace strategy and the way we work. We’ve invested in the New Street Square area, our future and our people. However, what makes our campus really special are the spaces we’ve created to support our new ways of working, both within our flagship UK office and across our wider London estate”.
Will Esplen
Managing Director, Global Real Estate, Deloitte
"Deloitte UK is an absolute frontrunner, a true revolutionary, when it comes to flexible working. I’m proud of the contribution of the Vecos Smart Locker System to their workplace strategy. Both Deloitte and Vecos teams showed collaboration and connection, from the project’s start to finish. Glad to know that our system continues to give Deloitte powerful insights that help them make decisions for years to come."
Jeroen Gieling
Director of Workplace Solutions at Vecos 

Freeing space for people

Deloitte has a very diverse workforce, of which many of its staff are mobile. This has enabled Deloitte to provide only 5,000 desks for 14,000 employees. Around a third (4,500 people) of the office population come into the office on a regular basis, which has allowed Deloitte to better manage team identities through change management programs as well as spatial layout. 

Changing the mindset around storage allowed Deloitte to free up the space dramatically and give it back to its employees. By introducing Vecos’ smart lockers with expiry dates, reducing five drawers of storage per person to just one, they’ve freed up space they can all share and managed the space more efficiently and improved the working experience for the employees.  

 “The workplace is a huge contributor to employee experience. We had an opportunity to transform our workplace into something that attracts and retains our best people, and supports our increasingly diverse, agile, and collaborative workforce.” – Chris Robinson, Corporate Real Estate Advisor and Workplace Transformation Lead at Deloitte 

The power of data

The data obtained from the Vecos Smart Locker System provides a new level of insight, informing Deloitte’s decisions on how to occupy the building to drive real value in terms of efficiency and an improved user experience. It’s a foundation on which they can continue to learn and improve.  

Room to grow

Capacity is critical in the world of corporate real estate. Introducing shared spaces and non-assigned seating has revolutionized Deloitte’s Way of Working: it allows them to accommodate people and clients efficiently and to maximize the value of their investment. A major real estate transformation such as Deloitte’s requires a locker management system that not only supports the current workplace strategy but is flexible to adjust to future needs. And with London-based headcount continually fluctuating, this is about future-proofing Deloitte – transforming the workplace has ensured that they have room now, and room to change in the future. 

The results

  • 4,500 lockers and 5,000 desks for 14,000 employees  
  • Reduced on-floor storage by more than 60% 
  • BREEAM Outstanding certification with a score of 94 percent 
  • WELL Certified™ Gold – a prestigious distinction awarded to workplaces that are designed and operated to enhance people’s health and wellbeing 

Ready to get smart?

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