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7 Ile-de-France entities of the Europ Assistance Group have now been brought together in a single site

Since December 2021, the 7 Ile-de-France entities of the Europ Assistance Group have now been brought together in a single site: the 3 upper floors of the Wilo building located in Saint-Denis.
  • The 13,000 m² site brings together all 1,200 employees from the Group’s 7 Ile-de-France entities, until now spread across 4 sites in the region.
  • The objective is to offer a unique working environment, to support the generalization of hybrid working within the Group, support the growth of the workforce and activity, and attract new talent.
  • Warm and colorful, but also connected and collaborative, it seeks to break with the codes of the sector while respecting the diversity of professions and uses.

With 1,500 lockers for almost 2,000 users, Vecos is the proud supplier of the Smart Locker System at Europ Assistance’s headquarters in Saint-Denis.

Office employees accessing smart lockers

“Offer a unique working environment and make employees want to come to the site”

This installation is the result of a project called “Odyssey” started almost 3 years ago around the desire to bring together Ile de France employees on a single, modern and attractive site and facilitating the generalization of new methods of work within the Group. Widely used within Europ Assistance since 2018, the use of teleworking has accelerated with successive periods of confinement. The new teleworking agreement of March 1, 2021 now provides for a minimum of 2 days of on-site presence per week.

“In a context where hybrid working has become the norm, we felt that it was the employer’s responsibility to make employees want to come on site,”  explains Anne-Hélène Cousseau, Director of Human Resources and Communication. from Europ Assistance France .  This requires a place that makes you want to come together, through its architecture, its conviviality, but also through the facilities it provides in terms of connectivity, access, services and collaboration .

A change also made necessary by the growth in activity and workforce: in 2021, the Europ Assistance workforce based in Île-de-France increased by more than 200 employees, supported in particular by Europ Assistance’s strategic partnership France with Crédit Agricole.

“Hybrid working has been widespread for several years within our Group and has changed the relationship we have with our workspaces. Home is now at the center of our lives; therefore, we must make employees want to come to the sites, by offering them welcoming and warm work spaces, spaces where we connect, where we exchange with colleagues.”
Antoine Parisi
CEO at Europ Assistance
"It was captivating how the project evolved from the first stages until go-live. After several workshops - always in fluid coordination with Europ Assistance, Colliers (design and build) and Petitjean SAS - Europ Assistance concluded to use the lockers fully dynamic instead of their first idea of using a fixed allocation."
Daniel Varela
Workplace Advisor France at Vecos

“Bricks, Bytes, Behaviors”: spaces designed to respect the diversity of professions and to support the transformation of uses

Designed with the corporate real estate consulting company Colliers, Europ Assistance’s new workspaces are intended to be inspired by the world of start-ups, recalling the pioneering spirit of the company which invented the profession of assistance almost 60 years ago.

They are structured around strong principles combining architecture (bricks) , connectivity (bytes) and behaviors (behaviours) .

  • Principle of equality between employees, with a flex office for all without any individual office, regardless of the hierarchical level of the people;
  • Spaces adapted to all uses : the diversity of spaces offered allows both collaborative work and individual and concentrated work (quiet spaces), according to the needs and preferences of employees;
  • Extensive connectivity to ensure that you find the same level of interactivity, whether you are on site or remotely. This materializes, for example, through meeting rooms all equipped with cameras and presence detectors;
  • Spaces organized into territories , corresponding to the Group’s different businesses (Travel Insurance and Assistance, Automotive, Home, Health, SeniorCare, Retail, Concierge, etc.). These territories are no less open, that is to say with little demarcation between them, to encourage circulation and collaboration.

Facts and figures:

  • 1,200 employees, from 7 entities, previously spread across 4 sites in Île-de-France
  • 13,000 m², including 1100 m² of WeCare common living space and more than 1200 m² of terraces (4th and 5th floor)
  • 2 days minimum presence on site per week according to the new teleworking agreement
  • 185 meeting rooms on 3 floors

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