Empower your people and workplace to flex

Flexible storage is what makes flexible workplaces, work
More and more modern workplaces are transitioning into dynamic, hybrid work environments – and dynamic storage has a pivotal role to play. Speak to a Vecos expert to find out how you can easily raise your storage game and make your hybrid workplace a success.

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  • How our smart locker system can support your flexible or hybrid workplace ambitions
  • What to consider when deciding on a smart locker system
  • The wide range of practical ways you can use our locker system
  • How the remote management platform works – and how you can harness real-time data and insights to continuously optimize your resources
  • How it can seamlessly integrate with external third-party applications, and easily fit into your IT ecosystem

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"We’re on the same path, it’s not just furniture, it’s changing the way you operate."
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Marc Zuili
CIO Deloitte, France

Don’t underestimate the power of smart lockers

Our smart system helps you save on space, time and costs – while inspiring your people and making sure you’re ready for anything.

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The Vecos SaaS-based smart locker software makes locker management easy and automated and ensures a seamless and rich experience for your employees. Download our brochure to know more.

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