What are smart lockers?

Smart lockers are cutting-edge storage solutions, equipped with integrated technology, that are revolutionizing modern workplaces. These electronically controlled units feature configurable software and facilitate secure, on-demand access to stored items. Smart lockers cater to any industry, offering seamless integration with existing systems for optimized functionality. They include advanced features like mobile app integration, remote monitoring, and real-time data analytics; enhancing organization efficiency and security.

Smart lockers enable your people to work how they want, with secure storage when and where they need it

Self-Service and On-Demand

Automates operations and saves time

Customized to workplace needs

Real-time user insights into locker usage

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At Vecos, we enable over 1.8 million daily smart locker users, working with organizations such as EY, Deloitte, Microsoft, and SAP.

Embrace Smart Storage for Flexible Workplaces with Smart Lockers

The global work landscape is rapidly changing, with some pioneering organizations embracing full hybrid models while others transition gradually. Even cautious ones are watching trends closely to plan their strategies. With work becoming increasingly flexible, mixing office and remote days, traditional approaches to space, furniture, and amenities are being reconsidered.

The goal? Encouraging collaboration, connectivity, and productivity. This shift renders fixed desks, under-desk storage, and manual facilities outdated.

Smart lockers that are accessible, on-demand and user-friendly, emerge as a practical solution. They not only enhance organization but also offer personal pockets within shared spaces. This blend of utility and emotional comfort underscores the importance of flexible storage in promoting both productivity and well-being.

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We are witnessing the birth of new global standards in workplace technology in response to major global shifts in how we work – it’s all about providing smart, seamless, scalable, and secure workplace facilities. The demand for smart locker systems is sky-rocketing – they’re simply better for the user, manager, and the business.
Bram Kuipers
CEO, Vecos

Benefits of Smart Lockers

Smart lockers help you save on space, time and costs – while inspiring your people and making sure you’re ready for anything

40% of office lockers go unused. Smart lockers optimize floor space by leveraging data analytics to track usage patterns, allowing workplaces to allocate lockers efficiently. This strategic approach enhances operational efficiency and productivity by tailoring locker availability to employee needs and behaviors.

 Self-service and on-demand lockers provide convenient access to belongings without the need for manual assistance. Users can access lockers instantly, improving productivity and reducing wait times, making them ideal for modern office environments.

A more flexible and sustainable approach to workplace storage. By optimizing resource usage and reducing waste, smart lockers play a key role in fostering environmentally conscious operations within organizations.

Electronic lockers offer agile solutions that can swiftly accommodate evolving workplace demands. This flexibility empowers businesses to optimize resources efficiently and maintain productivity amidst dynamic work environments.

How do smart lockers work?

Smart lockers are electronic locker cabinets with customizable software, operated via touch screen terminals or mobile apps. Cloud-based software manages locker usage and rules through a web-based management portal for real-time monitoring and customization.

Smart lockers are part of a smart locker system which has five components: Lockers, Operating Terminal, Method of Operation, Cloud-based software and Web-based management portal.

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Types of smart lockers configurations








Customize lockers according to the workplace needs

Smart locker configurations tailored to specific workplace needs ensure optimal functionality and efficiency. By offering a versatile range of configurations, workplaces can optimize space usage, enhance employee convenience, and streamline operations, ultimately maximizing the value of smart locker systems within their workplace environment.

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How much do smart lockers cost?

Smart lockers always pay back in less than 6 months as you need 40% less lockers and save 90% facility management time.

When it comes to the cost of smart lockers, it’s important to note that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. The cost of smart lockers can vary based on a number of factors, including the size of the office space, the number of employees, and the specific features that are desired. Factors such as the type of smart locker technology being used, the level of security required, and the complexity of the installation process can also impact the overall cost of the project. Additionally, ongoing maintenance and support costs should be factored in as well.

Therefore, it’s important to carefully consider all of these factors when deciding on the cost of smart lockers for your workplace. It may be helpful to consult with a professional vendor or installer who can help evaluate your specific needs and provide an estimate based on those factors. 

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