Client Story

Česká spořitelna bank

CEE / Financial Services

SaaS for their 1,700 lockers

Česká spořitelna is the largest bank in the Czech Republic as measured by number of clients and a frontrunner in technical innovations and security.

Five years ago, they chose the Vecos Smart Locker system with the Releezme software hosted on-premises at their headquarters in Prague. Over time, their employees became more adapted in activity-based working, and we advised Česká spořitelna a SaaS-solution. The benefits to the bank: increased security with always updated software, more flexibility in terms of scaling up or down, and the easy-to-use Vecos Smart Locker app for all locker users. After a thorough internal security check, Česká spořitelna decided to purchase SaaS for their ± 1,700 lockers. Because of the Vecos Smart Locker system, they were able to keep the existing hardware.

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