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New sustainable office space for radically innovative Spanish supermarket chain

Mercadona, a physical supermarket and online sales company, has started to transfer the first groups of employees to its new offices located in Albalat dels Sorells (Valencia), a move that will be completed at the end of 2025 with the definitive location of 2,600 people in a new, more sustainable workplace that fosters collaboration.

Over the next three years, employees, who currently perform their functions in different centres in other Valencian towns, including Paterna and Tavernes, will be progressively incorporated into these new, innovative facilities in which the company plans to invest a total of €200 million over the three phases of the project.

An innovative, digital project that fosters collaboration

The new offices represent an opportunity to continue moving forward in the digitalisation of the company while fostering collaboration, creativity and knowledge exchange between the different parts of the process, improving agility and execution in the decision-making process.

Developed in response to employee needs and experiences, a total of 15 different types of environments have been designed for employees to choose from depending on their everyday tasks. With this new approach, the company is moving from a traditional office-based model to a more collaborative and creative open-space environment. Work will no longer be departmentalized but rather “neighborhood-based” (areas in which employees share the same process regardless of their department).

To support this way of working, Mercadona has deployed the Vecos Smart Locker System. Some 1,080 lockers have been installed at the new offices in Albalat. And not only there, but also at other locations in Spain (Sagunto, Sevilla, and Terrassa) and Portugal (Miraflores, near Lisbon). All imported system users have access to the lockers in all these locations.

Smart lockers for workplace organization

Mercadona headquarters by ERRE arquitectura.

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