The #1 locker system for locker rooms

Automatic locker allocation - the optimal storage solution with users working in shifts

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Smart storage solutions for locker rooms

A smart locker management system is a must for companies with frequently changing teams working in shifts. Vecos offers a self-service smart storage solution for your locker rooms that practically manages itself and provides real-time insight into locker use. Moreover, optimal privacy and safety are guaranteed.

100% self-ser­vice
Automatic locker allocation and easy locker operation with different types of user identification
Easy remote management
Management and control of lockers from the central unit or even via the cloud
No has­sle with keys or batteries
Save management time with a fully electronic and easy configurable locker solution
The safest sys­tem on the market
GDPR-proof safety measures against burglary and power outages
Vecos #1 Locker System

Our solution

Our premium designed locker management system allocates lockers by itself, optimises the distribution of lockers and prevents unnecessarily vacant lockers. It is ideal for organisations with teams working in shifts. The lockers can be opened by smartphone or access badge and remotely managed via our cloud-based solution. The system is not only easy to use but also safe, and you always have insight into locker usage.

Our references

Lock­er room stor­age solu­tions cre­at­ed for our customers

Smart locker systems is one of the important drivers for change within activity-based workplaces

The #1 locker system

Vecos has been delivering customised locker solutions for over 20 years. Today, there are more than 500,000 Vecos smart lockers in use. We combine that experience with our passion for innovation and technology, to build the best locker management system in the world.

Locker room storage solutions created for our customers
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