The #1 locker system for hospitals

Smart locker system for storage and changing facilities in hospitals and healthcare institutions

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Minimal locker management, maximum return

Your organisation needs a space-saving storage system that supports working in shifts and is hygienic. The Vecos locker management system has it all. Dynamic locker allocation optimises locker use, reducing the number of required lockers, and ensures access to a locker with shift rotations. The handle-less locker cabinets are easy to clean. Moreover, with smart storage, there is no hassle with forgotten PIN codes or keys.

Flex­i­ble lock­er solution
Dynamic locker allocation for personnel working in shifts
Smartphone-operated and notifications to users via the app
100% compliant with health and cleanliness standards
Safe and easy
Privacy-protected and customised configurations
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Our solution

Vecos lockers have push-to-open cabinet doors, which therefore have no handles. With smooth surfaces, the lockers are easy to clean and very hygienic, which is essential for hospital lockers. Moreover, the system is ideal for staff working in shifts. Dynamic use is supported through customised settings. For instance, a time restriction can be connected to the locker use which ensures that users are automatically notified when their shift has ended.

Edith Schut
Edith Schut, Senior staff advi­sor Facil­i­ty, Eras­mus MC
Vecos has shown that they can well meet the demands of a com­plex insti­tu­tion like Eras­mus MC.”
Edith Schut, Senior staff advi­sor Facil­i­ty, Eras­mus MC

Our references

Hos­pi­tal stor­age sys­tems cre­at­ed for our customers


The #1 locker system

Vecos has been delivering customised locker solutions for over 20 years. Today, there are more than 500,000 Vecos smart lockers in use. We combine that experience with our passion for innovation and technology, to build the best locker management system in the world.

Hospital storage systems created for our customers
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