When employees move around the office more often, this creates new logistical challenges.

Make smarter use of your stor­age space

Managing your office storage space has never been easier: real-time overview and quick administration of lockers with the Releezme locker management system

The Releezme locker management system from Vecos offers a flexible smart storage solution for every flexible workplace designed to optimize space utilization and at the same time increase employee well-being and satisfaction.

Managing lockers from the Releezme software system is made easy for facility managers, as they keep real-time overview and quick administration of lockers for personal or team storage.

During this free demo we will discuss:

  • The features applicable for your organization
  • The locker administration – better use of time because the system is more self-supporting, requiring less management time
  • The use of the Releezme platform in the cloud (Saas) or on your local server (on-premise).

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