System integrations

VECOS #1 Locker System

System integrations

Being part of a larger technology ecosystem, integrating with different platforms and systems comes natural to us and our technology. Vecos’ locker management system - Releezme, is often integrated with other third-party technologies, such as smart building platforms (wayfinding, room booking, workplace analytics, etc), access control, HR (human resource) systems or parcel and IT service systems. This provides the user with a better, unified and simpler experience by automating and integrating various systems.

We love API's

By maintaining and developing our standard API set we can easily integrate with all sorts of different third-party systems around the world. Because of our standardized approach using well-documented and well-maintained API’s, integration is a controlled and straightforward process.


We believe in the power of partnerships and are proud to work with some of the best-known technology brands around the world as well as some of the technology disruptors that are turning the smart building world upside down.
With some we have been lucky to create something beyond a technology solution and are happy to count amongst our technology partners.


Smart Building Platform

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Parcel Delivery & IT Services

My pup


Smart Wireless Charging

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