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Elevate your workplace with Smart Lockers! With Vecos office locker system, locker management is effortless, secure, and seamlessly integrated. Welcome to the revolution of workplace storage solutions, where innovation meets convenience.

Say goodbye to traditional key and pincode lockers and hello to smart office lockers!

The transition from traditional lock and pin code office lockers to smart office lockers is critical for modern workplaces seeking enhanced security, convenience, and efficiency. Smart lockers offer a seamless user experience and automate locker management. This not only eliminates the need for physical keys and remembering pin codes but also reduces the risk of unauthorized access. With real-time monitoring and tracking capabilities, these lockers provide facilities management with better control over locker usage and allocation and streamline processes.

What are smart lockers?

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In today’s fast-paced work environment, flexibility is key to success. As workplaces evolve and adapt to new trends, the need for efficient storage solutions becomes increasingly important. That’s where smart locker systems come in. Our free whitepaper explores how office locker systems are revolutionizing the way workplaces manage storage, increasing flexibility, and supporting successful dynamic workplaces.

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Why Choose Vecos workplace lockers?

🔒 Seamless Automation: Bid farewell to the hassle of traditional locker management. Our cutting-edge technology streamlines the locker allocation process, ensuring employees can secure their belongings effortlessly. Say goodbye to key woes and embrace touch-of-a-button access.

🔒 Efficient Space Utilization: The era of one-to-one lockers is behind us. With our electronic lockers, you’re maximizing locker allocation, enabling your workplace to thrive with fewer lockers while accommodating all employees.

🔒 Future-Proof Security: Our office lockers boast state-of-the-art security features, safeguarding personal belongings with advanced encryption and user authentication.

🔒 Empowering Technology: Our lockers seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure, transforming your workplace into a hub of tech-savvy efficiency. Monitor usage, manage allocations, and adapt on the fly – all at your fingertips.

🔒 Sustainability Champion: With our workplace lockers, you’re reducing clutter and paper waste associated with traditional locker systems. Embrace a sustainable workplace that aligns with your values.

Smart lockers are tailored to fit your workplace needs

With custom keyless lockers, you can create multiple locker configurations that fit all your workplace needs. Our lockers can be used as personal lockers whereby employees can have their own private space, even in the most dynamic workplace. Or it can be configured as day lockers where more than one employee can use it in a day. This removes all barriers to flexible working and supports total freedom of movement.

These employee lockers can also be used for visitors or a central place to store parcels. So, with a simple click, you can essentially assign and re-assign any locker to be more than just personal storage.

Read our use cases
“We previously had to collect the data around the utilization of the storage, such as how long it has been assigned, how frequently it is accessed, and whether we still have locked storage for people who are no longer at the firm, through manual processes. Smart lockers provide us with that insight in real time, and then it can be part of a larger conversation about how we’re using the space and how we might improve. It’s not just optimizing for storage utilization, but also improving every facet of the workplace experience for all of our employees.”
Philip Lynch
EY Americas Enterprise Support Services Leader

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The Vecos SaaS-based smart locker software makes locker management easy and automated and ensures a seamless and rich experience for your employees. Download our brochure to know more.

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