Our solution

Always ready for the future

The #1 locker system by Vecos is founded on years of developing and experience. The result? A well thought-out self-managing technology platform for optimal user-friendliness for both managers and end users. Add to that the software’s flexibility and customer-specific features, and you have a tailored system that saves space and time, and is always ready for the future.

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Smart storage with smart insights

Real-time user insights and detailed usage data are provided via our self-managing technology platform, available in the cloud or on-premises. Transparent, user-friendly and GDPR-proof. Keeping lengthy records of user data and managing keys are a thing of the past.

Veiligste Systeem

Connect to the next generation employees

The self-service locker operation is user-friendly with smartphones, PIN codes or (RFID) cards. Opening, switching and releasing lockers: it is all done automatically. In the process, the system immediately informs the user via a push notification. Happy users make happy managers.

VECOS #1 Locker System

Manage dynamics and adapt to the new way of working

The technology adapts to your organisation and enables the desired way of working. It adjusts to the current level of dynamics within your organisation at any time. Moreover, optimised locker allocation saves expensive workspace by requiring less lockers.

Easy remote locker management

The safest system on the market

Both belongings and user data are safe. The system has incorporated safety measures against burglary, power outages and privacy theft, and a GDPR-proof software platform. That makes our smart locker system a stress-free factor in your management tasks.

VECOS #1 Locker System

Third-party software integrations

The #1 locker system is configurable for any setting. The software is compatible with third-party integrations through APIs. It is a software platform that makes your building even more smart.