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On the way to the ideal workplace

New work trends, everyone comes across them: flexible offices, agile work, new way of working, flexible work, activity-based work. The conclusion is: the world is changing, as is the way we work and the role of workplace design in matters such as employee well-being, sustainability or smart, data-driven buildings.

The role of a facility manager goes beyond current expectations and a clearer vision is needed about the service package and the communication about it. Organisations must be able to respond resiliently to market changes, which means that a higher degree of agility is required from the supporting departments. Employees need to be included in the desired change, spaces must be used more effectively and the issue of (storage) facilities is becoming increasingly complex with the increase in flexible working.

As a result, storage space may be unnecessarily occupied, management cannot always take place because people are not physically present and user lists must be updated manually regularly. On top of that, increasingly stricter privacy regulations are involved.

At Vecos, we understand that changing the culture within your organization needs professional advice. Therefore Vecos helps to implement your new way of working. Vecos is the market leader in the supply and implementation of smart storage. Our premium design electronic locks driven by our locker management system - Releezme - can respond to any requirements and at any level, to work dynamically or to learn without making facility management more complex. Through the features that Releezme offers, users are encouraged to strive for a certain development that the company, school or institution envisions. With Vecos, taking people into the desired change, making optimal use of space and using the latest technologies in a smart way to make organisations more agile all go hand in hand. So your organisation can work or learn more effectively, more efficiently and - certainly not unimportantly - more pleasantly.

That's Vecos.

Erik Ubels
Erik Ubels, CTO EDGE Technologies
Tech­nol­o­gy will play a huge role into mak­ing bet­ter build­ings. Based on the data we col­lect from all the dif­fer­ent sys­tems includ­ing lock­ers, we can under­stand how a build­ing is being used and how we can improve the user experience.”
Erik Ubels, CTO EDGE Technologies

Why Vecos?

  • The safest system in the market
  • Easy remote management with Releezme
  • Automized dynamic locker allocation, which saves time and space
  • Self-service system with the user in control via smartphone or badge access
  • Customer-specific locker allocation and locker groups
  • The option of third party integrations
  • Premium design produced and developed in the Netherlands

Learn how Vecos enables your organization to optimize workspace, save time and take people into the desired change -> request an online demo here.

Our origin

It is 1996. Vecos started as an electrical engineering developing company with a focus on mobility and access. After years of innovating and creating smart products, sister company Fleetlogic took over the mobility-related activities. From that moment on our focus was on technology for lockers. And by attracting new talent, through decisiveness and the continued emphasis on improving the quality, we are now leading in new functionalities.

Vecos state-of-the art hardware Vecos state-of-the art hardware


It is not a coincidence that we work from the Brainport in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, where impactful, innovative technologies that make life more pleasant, safer and cleaner are developed. With a view to sustainability, Vecos produces and develops both hardware and software in the Netherlands, using premium quality components.

Ready for the future

We know what is happening in the world of lockers and anticipate future developments every day. For instance, remote operation via smartphone and integrated USB chargers are essentially standard issue with us.We are offering more and more options via cloud services and our privacy settings have been GDPR-proof already for years. That makes your system ready for the future. Every day anew.

Moreover, together with our international dealer network of cabinet manufacturers and system integrations suppliers, we support you throughout the process, from orientation to implementation.