About us

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On the way to the ideal workplace

No person is the same. No workplace is the same. And the way we work together is constantly changing. That is not new, of course. Therefore, already years ago we realised that that needed a different approach. We developed future-ready technology, right in the heart of Brainport Eindhoven. The result is a locker system that is all about the user. With it, we help our customers create the ideal workplace, that brings together communication, focus, collaboration and relaxing. That is Vecos.

Vecos is market leader and trendsetter in the world of electronic locker management. We thrive on innovation, decisiveness and quality, creating new functionalities on a daily basis and staying in tune with the latest developments. The result? A locker system that has the agility to adapt to the needs and wants of its users.

Marc Zuili
Marc Zuili, CIO, Deloitte France
We are on the same path, it’s not just fur­ni­ture, it’s chang­ing the way you operate.”
Marc Zuili, CIO, Deloitte France

Our origin

It is 1986. Vecos started as an electrical engineering developing company with a focus on mobility and access. After years of innovating and creating smart products, sister company Fleetlogic took over the mobility-related activities. From that moment on our focus was on technology for lockers. And by attracting new talent, through decisiveness and the continued emphasis on improving the quality, we are now leading in new functionalities.

It is not a coincidence that we work from the heart of Brainport Eindhoven. We produce everything in the Netherlands, using top quality components only. Moreover, together with our international dealer network of cabinet manufacturers and system suppliers, we support you throughout the process, from orientation to implementation.

Flex­i­ble solution
Automatic locker allocation and adjustments
Insight into use
Management in the cloud and less administration
No keys needed
Simply operate lockers with a smartphone or card
Safe and easy
Privacy protected and customised configurations
All our locks are extensively tested to ensure perfect operation. All our locks are extensively tested to ensure perfect operation.

Ready for the future

We know what is happening in the world of lockers and anticipate future developments every day. For instance, remote operation via smartphone and integrated USB chargers are essentially standard issue with us. We are offering more and more options via cloud services and our privacy settings have been GDPR-proof already for years. That makes your system ready for the future. Every day anew.

Why Vecos?

  • Automation of everything locker-related
  • All personal data safely managed
  • No more keeping records
  • Flexible configurations, for instance in separate blocks
  • All lockers allocated within an hour
  • Remote management
  • Inform users via push messages
  • Adjust use to your way of working