When you visit this website, we collect anonymized data to improve our services and websites. We are happy to explain to you which data we store and what we do with them.

What information do we store?

Functional cookies

To ensure a properly functioning website, we use session cookies. Otherwise, the website would be unable to save your preferences, such as language settings, or you would be unable to log in.

Expires when the browser is closed; it is necessary for visiting our website.

Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics to improve the quality of the website. Data which we store for that purpose are depersonalized and are not shared with other Google Analytics users or other Google services. The IP addresses are also masked. We have entered into a Data Processing Agreement with Google. Below, you find information about the different cookies that we use:

Expires after 2 years; to distinguish unique users.

Expires after 24 hours; to distinguish unique users.

Expires after 1 minute; to limit requests to the Analytics server.

HotJar is also a tool to improve the website’s performance. This tool also saves data from visitors on our website. These user data are anonymous and are not shared with other HotJar users. Emotion, our marketing company, has entered into a Data Processing Agreement with HotJar as well. Below, you find information about the different cookies that we use:

Expires after 2 years; to distinguish unique users.

Expires after 30 minutes; to track a user’s session.

Expires after the browser is closed; to start a browsing session on Vecos.com.

Expires after 1 year; this session cookie tells HotJar whether the session is used as a sample.

Expires after 1 year; this session cookie is added when one has arrived via a Google Adwords.

Third party websites

The Vecos website may contain links to third party websites and social media channels (such as YouTube). For more information about these third parties’ cookies and how they handle personal data, we refer to the statements which these parties have made available on their websites. Third party statements and their contents are not controlled by Vecos.


We store IP addresses and web requests in log files on the web server for a maximum duration of 90 days. Only our marketing company Emotion and her hosting partner for the website, True, have access to these. We have entered into a Data Processing Agreement with Emotion (and they have with their hosting partner True).

Safety measures

We protect stored data and ensure that these data are not directly traceable to individuals. By taking technical and administrative measures, we reduce risks as much as possible, for instance by means of access control on the systems, a secure internet connection (SSL) with the website and a firewall.

How can you exercise your rights, such as to view, correct or remove data?

Send a message to informationsecurity@vecos.com and state ‘Privacy’ in the subject line. We will then process your message as required by the GDPR. We would like to point out to you that if your request is not processed to your satisfaction, you can file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

How can you disable or remove cookies?

You can choose whether to allow cookies or you can set your internet browser to block cookies. Most browsers explain how to do that via the help feature. If you block cookies, this may affect the website’s performance and your user experience on our website.

Google Chrome
Block cookies in Google Chrome

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Block cookies in Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge
Block cookies in Microsoft Edge

Block cookies in Firefox

Apple Safari
Block cookies in Apple Safari


Processing outside the EU

It is possible that personal data are sent cross-border to third parties as mentioned above for the purposes as described above. This means that personal data may be processed in countries with a lower level of security and protection of personal data than in the EU. In such an event, we will take appropriate measures, to ensure that the data are processed at an ‘adequate level of protection’.


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The information in this statement may be subject to change. These changes will be published on vecos.com.
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