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Vakbeurs Facilitair 2019 at Jaarbeurs Utrecht – Facility management and Vecos


Our flagship solution is Releezme, the cloud and mobile-first solution for locker management, and is specifically developed for the future workplace based on Activity Based Working.

As a Facility Manager we offer you an hassle free control of your smart lockers with Releezme. No more keys or post-it’s to manage your lockers but a professional system which is easy to use. With the Vecos system your advantages as a facility manager are:

  • Saving time: less management time is required:
    • Releezme is not only easy to use for employees, but also for the facilities manager. Releezme can operate on a self-service principle. Employees are made responsible for safe locker use.
  • Availability of lockers: storage availability guaranteed through analysis and occupancy control, reporting is made available for the facility manager to get a good insight in the way the lockers are being used
  • Optimising the amount of cabinet space
    • 30-60% less lockers are needed compared to a system with keys or pincodes because there’s direct relation between the dynamics and the number of required lockers. With Vecos you can find the balance that is a perfect fit with your organisation.

Experience the #1 locker system from Vecos

Vecos is disrupting the storage furniture market with internet connected smart lockers. Our success proves that the world doesn’t need large numbers of traditional cabinets, but rather, highly dynamic lockers. Our platform now connects more than 500,000 users to over 350,000 lockers. While, our smartphone app makes self-service possible, empowering the end-user. Organizations like Deloitte, Zalando, PwC and Accenture are already on board. Come along and experience it for yourself!

Feel free to stop by our booth any day at Vakbeurs Facilitair Hall 10, Booth D2 and experience first-hand what VECOS technologies can do for your furniture and/or your workplace.

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