The smart workplace uses a dynamic working style

Attracting and retaining talent with your workplace

Since 1996, Vecos supports organisations in their change processes towards a more flexible and dynamic workplace by delivering a smart locker management solution.

Looking back at 2019, we are proud to see that we have over 1 million users and more than 500,000 Vecos smart lockers in use at our customers.

In 2020, we will be serving more clients than ever before and we are seeing that the dynamic workstyle is becoming the new standard. We are seeing amazing results at customers who have finished their change programs and therefore we dare to say:

2020 will be the year that we take the dynamic work style to the next level.

Are you considering to move towards a flexible or dynamic workstyle? Take a look at our satisfied customers and see how our smart locker solution for dynamic working improved their workplace

What’s going to happen next?

In 2020, Releezme will keep sparkling and we are happy to announce new features to our system that will make the lives of both the facility management team and the users even easier. We will release a new dashboard with improved reporting features which will help you to plan and manage your workplace even better.

Besides this, we will keep contributing to topics such as sustainability, data insights and workplace design, as well as change management and employee well-being. At Vecos, we want to make work more pleasant for everyone while optimizing the workplace and using the latest technologies to be more efficient.

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Andreas Thiem, Work­place Lead of Ger­many Cen­tral, Accen­ture Germany
The vision for Accen­ture in the future, is that peo­ple have to be more agile, and move from a ter­ri­to­r­i­al sta­t­ic work­ing style to a more dynam­ic and flex­i­ble work­ing style.”
Andreas Thiem, Work­place Lead of Ger­many Cen­tral, Accen­ture Germany

At Vecos, we understand that changing the work culture within your organisation requires professional advice. Therefore, Vecos helps to implement your new way of working. Vecos is the market leader in the supply and implementation of smart storage.

Inspired? Triggered? Or simply curious how working with Vecos can strengthen your workplace strategy? Reach out to us and we will contact you to look into the opportunities for your company.