The #1 locker system

The modern workplace is centred around its employees.
Vecos is the locker system that seamlessly fits into a connected environment and adapts to its users’ requirements. The Vecos locker system is smart, self-managing and meets all the privacy and security requirements. Now that is dynamic working.

Dynamic locker system

The Vecos locker system is smart, self-managing and facilitates the implementation of a flexible work culture, and is always customised. Now that is dynamic working.

The safest system in the market

Incorporated safety measures against burglary, power outages and privacy theft. The Vecos system is a stress-free factor in your management tasks.


The user in control

With smartphone-operation and the self-regulating system, the user is in control. Opening, switching and signing out, it is all automatically done. Happy users make happy managers.

No hassle with keys or locks

Locker operation with smartphones, PIN codes, cards and releasing lockers remotely. It all saves the manager a lot of trouble.

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