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The smart storage solution for locker rooms

Locker rooms can be found in many companies. Whether you’re managing a logistic centre, work in a pharmaceutical company or you have a fitness center in your flex office: locker rooms are everywhere. They have one thing in common: all lockers have frequently changing users.

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Self-service system

In any locker room, users can easily get a locker assigned. With the Vecos locker management system, the user automatically gets the nearest locker assigned for a configurable amount of time. The lockers can be operated via the personal access badge and via the smartphone. Opening and releasing a locker can therefore be done in a safe and easy way.

Using the right technlogy to implement new ways of working

No hassle with keys or batteries

Vecos is a smart electronic system, meaning that there is no need for keys or changing batteries every two years. This is more environment friendly and saving a lot of management time. Lockers can be operated with smartphones, PIN codes, access cards and releasing the lockers can be done remotely. It all saves the manager a lot of trouble.


Automize and optimize the locker usage

Lockers in locker rooms are used by many different people during the day who all want to have a locker to store their personal belongings during their visit. With the Vecos system, managers can even manage the assignment of lockers remotely and make sure that every vacant locker is used in the most efficient way possible.

Easy remote locker management

Easy to clean

Vecos lockers have push-to-open cabinet doors, which therefore have no handles. Combined with smooth surfaces, the lockers are easy to clean. This is essential in locker rooms.


The safest system in the market

Lockers needs to be safe and secure. We’ve incorporated several safety measures against burglary and power outages, to make sure that the belongings of your locker room visitors are always safe and secure. It is also possible to see who had access to the lockers with the Event log which is included in the locker management system, which is all GDPR-proof.


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