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Many companies are thinking of creating a smart building. You want to have a locker management system which can also be integrated in your building management platform. All your building's technology and services managed from one place. Vecos allows you to integrate the locker management system seamlessly into your Smart Building platform.

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Smart building integration options

The Vecos locker management system is configurable for any situation and compatible to integrate with third party software. Planning to have a workplace application or an intelligent building management system? Integrate all systems, including your locker management system, into one platform. The Vecos system is one of the few locker systems on the market that can easily be integrated with any third party or configuration system.


The user in control – self service

The lockers can be operated via the company access badges and via smartphones - users manage their own lockers. No more manual keys or batteries. Locker operation (opening, switching and releasing) is made easy for users via smartphones, PIN codes and access cards. With this self-service, managers are freed from time-consuming administrative tasks.

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Seamlessly fit into any activity-based workplace design

Space planners, architects, workplace managers, everyone wants to have the perfectly designed office. The Vecos smart locks and management system can be integrated with any type of locker no matter what kind of material, size or colour. Feel free to design whatever you want!

Open space offices offering in-between solutions

The safest system in the market

Incorporated safety measures against burglary, power outages and privacy theft. The Vecos smart storage system is a stress-free factor in your management tasks.


No more keeping records

You manage the locker system and have continuous insights into the usage of the lockers via a central system. Transparent and user-friendly. So no more keeping lengthy records of user data. And always real-time analytics that help you improve the space utilization.


Easy remote management

Releasing or opening lockers? These actions can simply be executed from the central unit or even via the cloud. In the process, the system also can immediately informs the user via a push notification. This makes the administration and control of lockers in different buildings anytime and anywhere possible.

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