A smart locker for every smart student

Lockers are important for pupils and students. They must be safe to store the laptops, cell phones and schoolwork and they must always be accessible by a manager, especially when a student lost his/her method of accessing the locker and needs his/her personal belongings. Also, the lockers change users every school year, which you would like to manage in a safe and easy way. Vecos understands that.

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The safest system in the market

Lockers need to be safe and secure. We’ve incorporated several safety measures against burglary and power outages. Also via the locker management software, you as a manager, can have insight into the log information.


Everything is configurable

Do you work at a primary school, high school, college or university? Every institution has its own preferences regarding locker use. Do you want to provide a locker for half a school year or a whole school year, assign a fixed locker or do you want the student to choose the locker by themselves? Any of this is possible. The locker management system allows you to configure each locker the way you want it.

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Saving time with easy-to-use remote management

A pupil or student forgot his school badge but still wants to access his locker? No more hassle with lost keys, forgotten PIN codes or changing batteries. Releasing, blocking or opening lockers - these actions can simply be executed remotely by the janitor of the school via the locker management software. Also, the student can immediately be informed via a push notification to his mobile phone.

Easy remote locker management

Innovative and future-proof

The Vecos locker system is designed and developed with the wants and needs of students and managers in mind. Next to the smartphone application Vecos offers several features which underlines the innovative character of the system. For example, did you know that the student can charge his phone in his locker via USB?

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Integration with your systems

You want to integrate with your active directory, school system or student tracking system? This is possible with the Vecos locker management system that allows managers to make the yearly transfer even more efficient.

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Self-service system for the students

The lockers can be operated via the school badge and via the smartphone. Opening a locker can therefore be done in a safe and easy way. Happy students make happy managers.

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