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Lockers in healthcare institutions are used every day by many different users. In the healthcare, the locker needs to be available immediately and when the work shift is over, easy to release, so another person can use it. All in a simple, easy-to-manage and user-friendly way.

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Automize and optimize the locker usage

Lockerrooms in hospitals are used by many different people during the day who all want to have a locker to store their personal belongings during the work shift. The Vecos system optimizes the assignment of lockers and makes sure that every vacant locker is used.


1 locker during the work shift

With the Vecos locker managementsystem it is possible to randomly allocate 1 available locker to 1 employee for the duration of his/her work shift. By automizing this lockerroom rules of the hospital in a management system, you will not only save a lot of management time, but you will also optimize the utilization of storage space.


Self-service system

The lockers can be managed via the personal access badge and via the smartphone. Opening and releasing a locker can therefore be done in a safe and easy way by the user but also remotely by the manager. Moreover, the system is ideal for shift work. For instance, a time restriction can be connected to the locker use, one that respects safety. The user is automatically notified when his or her shift has ended.


Easy to clean

The Vecos smart locks can easily be integrated in any type of push-to-open cabinet lockers, which therefore have no handles. Combined with smooth surfaces, the lockers are easy to clean. This is essential in healthcare.

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Easy remote management

Vecos offers a smart and dynamic system for hospitals that practically manages itself and provides fast insight into locker usage.

Easy remote locker management

No hassle with keys or batteries

Users can operate the Vecos lockers with smartphones, PIN codes, access cards and if the user forgot his/her way of accessing the locker, the locker can be released remotely by the facility manager. This saves facility managers a lot of trouble.


The safest system in the market

Lockers needs to be safe and secure. We have incorporated several safety measures against burglary and power outages, to make sure that the belongings of your employees are always safe and secure.


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