Safely returning to the office

With the world slowly but surely getting back to the office, the different elements in the office need to be made COVID-proof. From walking routes and, desking arrangements to lockers. With a clean(ing)-desk-policy as a key element, storage takes an important role in the COVID-proof office. The Vecos locker solution offers various functionalities that support a locker configuration for the COVID-proof office.

Social distancing

Using Pre Allocated Ranges, the Vecos locker system will automatically assign lockers a minimum required distance apart.

Meaning that in a dynamic environment where people claim new lockers at the beginning of the day, the system automatically directs users to specific lockers, ensuring that each following user doesn’t get too close to the previous one.

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This screenshot illustrates the way lockers can be allocated while keeping the required 6-feet distance between these.

Cleaning after use

After a locker has been released the system automatically blocks the locker.

Facility management can get automatically alerted or can manually run reports at specific times a day to see which lockers are marked for cleaning.

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Using the Releezme app on a user’s mobile phone prevents any unnecessary touching of terminals or cards. Locker operation (opening, switching and releasing) is made easy for users via smartphones, PIN codes and access cards. With this self-service, touching surfaces of storage facilities can be prevented.

The Releezme software can also seamlessly integrate into smart workplace apps that facilitate a safe return to work, such as Mapiq, Comfy, Host and many others.

Opening lockers with smartphone