Berlin, Germany

Setting the tone for the next decade of collaboration and innovation, the new Zalando campus in Berlin includes the new company headquarters and is comprised of 10 buildings with a further two under construction. The existing buildings have a footprint of 100,000 square meters with plenty of room for creativity, teaming up and exciting new ways of working, such as flexible workstations and silent spaces.

Using 100% green energy, the Zalando Headquarters (consisting of two out of the 10 buildings in the campus) are a symbol of modernity, openness and creativity.

Michael Menz, SVP Corporate Governance and Corporate Real Estate at Zalando says, “Our new headquarters and the campus enable us to work even better together; discovering and creating more innovative solutions for our customers. It’s a place that reunites our employees; another step on our growth path, and we are looking forward to the next decade of the Zalando story.”


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