Veluwse Onderwijsgroep

About the client

The Veluwse Onderwijsgroep offers children and young adults contemporary and progressive education in Apeldoorn and surroundings. The 27 schools (22 primary and 9 secondary) each have their own identity, so that there is a suitable school for every student in Apeldoorn. For the Veluwse Onderwijsgroep, education is their core task that focuses on the present and the future of the students.

Challenge and Solution

The challenge 
Three of the nine secondary schools (Christelijk Lyceum, Gymnasium Apeldoorn, and Veluws College Walterbosch) had an immediate need for their lockers to be replaced. Following a European tendering process, Vecos was chosen as the supplier of the new locker management system. The lockers themselves are provided by our trusted partner De Lockerfabriek. The color combinations of the doors were chosen by the schools themselves, fully in line with their own unique and recognizable branding. 

Our solution 
For the Veluwse Onderwijsgroep, it is important that the payment, allocation, and expenditure of the lockers takes place without the intervention of financial administrators and managers. The timesaving allows them to focus on more relevant matters than locker management. The Vecos Smart Locker system takes over the entire locker management. Payments are also organized without intervention for seamless processing by the school’s financial administration. 

Just as important, the students also benefit from the convenience of the Vecos Smart Locker system. Before the first day of school, the student pays the fee via our portal for a locker for the upcoming school year and chooses their desired locker (in line with the school’s regulations). On the first day of school, the student opens the Vecos Smart Locker smartphone app to activate use. And for the rest of the school year? With our smartphone app, the locker is opened in one click: a simple operation for an important, daily facility at school. 

Statistics : 

Christelijk Lyceum:  1,384 students and 1,313 lockers
Gymnasium Apeldoorn: 622 students and 689 lockers; 2 locations
Veluws College Walterbosch: 1,573 students and 1,487 lockers


3579 Students


3489 Lockers

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