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In their new location, UBM wanted to switch to agile working. They referred to it as the ‘240 project’: a complete and flexible solution where employees no longer have individually assigned workspaces. Moreover, each floor is designed to accommodate 140 people but only has 100 desks. Each department has its own zone, but anyone can opt for a different workspace every day. And sometimes that is not even behind a desk but in one of the break-out areas.


Such a flexible way of working also requires a flexible locker system. Here, Vecos’ solution seamlessly fits in. The successful implementation by our partner Euroworkspace contributed to a decreased use of storage space, time and therefore also to lower costs. The lockers are not only pleasant for the employees; they also collect data about their use. This allows for the even smarter use of the system. For instance, unused lockers are released faster.

“When people saw the tech and saw the benefits, they felt they were ready to move. We generated a buzz”, the Head of PMO says.

1000+ employ­ees
600 lock­ers
2500 m²
1 sys­tem
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