Sweden, Stockholm


Telia is a well known telecommunication company with several bigger offices in Scandinavia. The headquarters of Telia Company is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Telia Company provides an open and dynamic working place to their employees and customers.

As Telia is having a lot of employees working in each office they were looking for a scalable and dynamic system that can grow with the ambitions and needs of Telia.


With the smart locker system provided by Vecos, Telia has elevated to the next level when it comes to dynamic and flexible working. The Vecos system allows Telia to empower its employees in using the headquarters and other Telia offices in a dynamic way.

Saving management time

With the Vecos locker management system Telia saves itself a huge amount of time in managing the >7000 lockers for their employees. In a self-service way, the employees are allowed to claim all kinds of lockers possible.

Whenever you want, wherever you are

The Vecos locker management system enables Telia employees and visitors to have a locker whenever they want and wherever they are. All in a user-friendly and self-service way.


21000 Employees


7000 Lockers

Ready to get smart?

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