Santa Clara, California

Enlighted, a Siemens company, provides a cutting-edge IoT platform for Fortune 500 companies, delivering first-in-class smart sensors and a data analytics platform. Their app-based technology provides real-time data and delivers the next generation intelligent office with up to 90% in energy cost savings.

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Situation & Ambition

For their new headquarters in Santa Clara, California, Enlighted wanted to create a true tech showcase in which all leading smart building technologies are integrated and work together. Their goal is to realize the most efficient use of resources and an optimal employee experience, supporting activity-based working. The office is fully equipped with Enlighted sensors. Comfy, a sister partner through Siemens, was selected as the employee interface between Enlighted technology and all other tech in the building with their workplace intelligence platform. Enlighted also wanted to ensure office facilities such as lockers are fully self-service and integrated into one tech platform, accessible through Comfy’s employee-facing app.

Enlighted asked Vecos to supply the Vecos Smart Locker system for their employee storage. The lockers needed to work fully integrated with the Comfy app to form one ecosystem of tech and employee experiences. With this Smart Locker setup, Enlighted enabled a fully dynamic and flexible office space, with the ability to change the way the office is used based on real-time data as of day 1.

Integrated Solution

Enlighted approached Vecos because of their knowledge and experience with smart office spaces and ability to easily integrate with the Comfy app. Moreover, Enlighted provides best-in-class technology and also expects this from the companies they work with. To complete this high-quality solution, Hollman lockers were chosen to produce the locker furniture and to take on the capability of delivering and installing the complete Vecos Smart Locker solution in the new Santa Clara headquarters.

Smart facts

Vecos provided the latest technology to support Enlighted with a full self-service smart locker solution. Enlighted employees can use the Comfy app to reserve a locker, open it and release it to make it available for other colleagues. Appointing a locker to the cleaning staff in between users is also an option. In addition to the mobile app, employees also can use their company badge or both. Employees and visitors can access a locker when and where they need it. Based on real-time data in the Vecos Locker Management platform, Enlighted can allocate lockers either fully flexible or specifically to employees in advance, creating the opportunity to serve the changing, different and individual needs of the users. The efficiency-gain at Facility management to allocate and release lockers automatically is also a big cost-saver due to significant time-saving.

Lastly, as Vecos Smart Lockers are operated fully through cloud-based software, Enlighted can integrate and use new features without the need to change furniture. The same lockers can be used for serving visitors, project teams but also internal logistics to distribute parcels, post and IT spare parts easily and securely.

One global solution

Operated fully through Cloud-based software hosted on Microsoft Azure, Vecos enables customers like Enlighted to connect offices all over the world through one single interface as well as one uniform user experience. Vecos has APIs in place for all large corporate technology platforms and is trendsetting in Smart Locker Systems for flexible working. Whether a company or office location is just getting started or fully mature in an activity-based working style, Vecos can tailor the solution to be right from day 1, and easily optimize as the company develops, changes and employees adopt new behaviors over time.


100 Employees


75 Lockers


1 System

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