PwC France

Chrystal Park, Paris, France


With the project “Workplace of the future”, PwC lays the foundation for a true cultural transformation of the firm. At PwC France, employees can ensure an optimal work environment using a single app. The functionalities of the Vecos lockers have been integrated into the PwC app.


Activity Based Working

The entire PwC work environment has been redesigned to provide a new experience for both employees and customers. The first building that is part of this project is Chrystal Park, PwC France. At Chrystal Park, PwC has introduced the concept of Activity Based Working.

“The Workplace project is focused on human creativity and is based above all on three objectives: giving our customers a 5-star experience, putting technology to the service of our expertise and facilitating interactions between our teams to promote better living / work together,” explains Geoffroy Schmitt, PwC France.

All services in one app

PwC decided to work with the Vecos locker management system to complement their activity-based work environment. They chose the Vecos system because of the option to integrate the functionalities with other PwC services and easy locker management which ensures that all employees can have a locker whenever they want and wherever they are.

For a smooth work experience, PwC France introduced an app. Via the app on their smartphone, the employees can have an optimal work environment adapted to their different activities and needs throughout the day. Employees can access a meeting room, a phone booth or a locker via that single application.


3600 Lockers


1 System

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