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Wellington, New Zealand
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With the move to their new headquarters, the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) in New Zealand also wanted to adopt a more flexible way of working. In the process, the Vecos locker management not only supported the dynamic workstyle, but also the adoption of the new workstyle.

The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) was looking into a different way of working. The move to their new head office in Wellington offered the opportunity to move towards a more dynamic, open work environment, with more flexibility and room for different tasks. And equally important: the building had to be inviting, to provide an attractive environment for people to work in and to come together.


Flexibility and interaction

The MSD wanted to make the change from a desk-centric, traditional open plan environment to a more dynamic open work environment. They envisioned multiple spaces that would promote flexibility and support different daily tasks. The building also needed to be welcoming to their clients and partners, with spaces to encourage interaction with them as well.

Smart lockers to support dynamic working

The MSD’s new headquarters in Wellington has various spaces to support different activities as well as a range of collaborative and informal settings to support and encourage connection and communication. To support the new dynamic workstyle, MSD chose the Vecos locker management system, supplied by our partner Vidak. The locker management software supports both dynamic working and the adoption process of the new workstyle. Through the configurations options in the locker management software, flexibility can be encouraged, for instance by preventing claiming behaviour of storage space

On each of the 18 floors, our partner Vidak provided customized solutions, including Vecos smart lockers for a more flexible way of working, agile furniture for meetings, informal seating areas and various workspaces for extra focus.

2200+ employ­ees
800 lock­ers
1 sys­tem
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