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The recently re-opened Microsoft Customer Hub in Schiphol, Netherlands was redesigned and arranged to enhance productivity for all employees and provide them a more seamless work experience. Integrated smart technology helps employees find a meeting room or make suggestions for an open workstation depending on the type of work they are doing that day. The technology also controls the room conditions autonomously. The office includes a restaurant and café, auditoriums and state-of-the-art meeting areas, a Customer Experience Center and education area, and co-working spaces for both employees and customers.

Microsoft wanted to create the best workplace for its employees enabled by smart technologies which should be market leading and flexible for the future. Simultaneously the amount of square meters should decrease. Next to that Microsoft wants to provide a very much improved visitor journey integrating all kind of relevant facilities. One of the key elements in this approach is providing an easy way to store personal belongings for both employees and visitors into smart lockers.


From a locker management point of view Vecos provided a complete solution for Microsoft which can be summarized as follows:

  • For approximately 900 employees 260 lockers are provided. Dynamic use of the lockers stimulates a culture of activity based working, clean desk policy and most of all dynamic usage of the entire office building.
  • For approximately 100.000 visitors per year 100 lockers are available. These lockers have a different business rule and are automatically released after 24 hours and being controlled by facilities.
  • In total 360 lockers results in much less space needed for furniture than in a traditional office setup where at least 900 lockers would be placed. This doesn’t only save on the budget site but also is much more environmental friendly
  • The lockers are managed via a locker management software platform. This software runs on Microsoft Azure and is a fully secured environment in which facility management is fully in control on the lockers, users, utilization, day to day operations and management reporting. This software is key to optimize the use of lockers in all its different purposes nowadays like; team lockers, gym lockers, lockers for temporary projects, lockers for internal (IT) logistics etc.
  • The locker management software also provides several API’s. Together with other Microsoft partners a state of the art visitor experience solution has been created by integrating the locker software API into a central guided application.
> 800 employees
400 lock­ers
1 sys­tem
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