Harens Lyceum

The Harens Lyceum, a division of the Openbaar Onderwijs Groep Groningen, is a secondary school in the north of the Netherlands. A colorful school, where it is cozy, pleasant, and safe for more than 1,450 students.


Dealing with traditional lockers with traditional keys was a time-consuming task for the school. That is why the Harens Lyceum chose the Vecos Smart Locker system with the accompanying smartphone app. Now students choose their own locker: this leads to enormous time savings for the administrators throughout the year. And because students can also open their locker with the app, the administrators and the students no longer have to worry about lost keys. A win-win!

1.450 students

1.350 lockers

6 locker bank controllers

The colorful lockers were made in collaboration with our partner De Lockerfabriek. The beautiful RAL colors combined with the flat doors led to a great result, as we were told by the Harens Lyceum’s administrators.


1450 Students


1350 Lockers


1 System

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