Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Eneco White
Vecos Shoot Sept 4832


Eneco has a sustainable and dynamic work environment. They embrace the agile mindset, which is essential to realize their strategy. They call it Eneco World. In their head office in Rotterdam, a total of 2,300 people are working according to these principles. This requires a dynamic locker system, of course.


Employees themselves decide where they work. The idea behind that is that this reinforces the interaction between different disciplines. For Eneco, battery-operated locker locks were not an option, since these are not sustainable. So they chose for the Vecos dynamic locker system. The experience offered by this office is a real treat. Not surprisingly, Eneco is in the top 10 of the Happy Building Index.

3000 employ­ees
2358 lock­ers
Vecos Shoot Sept 4617
Vecos Shoot Sept 4847
Vecos Shoot Sept 4720
Vecos Shoot Sept 4785

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