Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Eneco White
Vecos Shoot Sept 4832


Eneco has a sustainable and dynamic work environment. They embrace the agile mindset, which is essential to realize their strategy. They call it Eneco World. In their head office in Rotterdam, more than 3,000 people are working according to these principles. This requires a dynamic locker system, of course.


Employees themselves decide where they work. The idea behind that is that this reinforces the interaction between different disciplines. For Eneco, battery-operated locker locks were not an option, since these are not sustainable. So they chose for the Vecos dynamic locker system. The experience offered by this office is a real treat. Not surprisingly, Eneco is in the top 10 of the Happy Building Index.

3000 employ­ees
2400 lock­ers
Vecos Shoot Sept 4617
Vecos Shoot Sept 4847
Vecos Shoot Sept 4720
Vecos Shoot Sept 4785

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