To set a new standard of teamwork, collaboration, and technology-led workforce, Deloitte decided to shift into the heritage Olderfleet building in Melbourne.


Employee lockers previously were operable through access control and not set up for automated and smart configuration to support Deloitte’s connected way of working. Also, the user experience of the lockers was inconsistent.


Deloitte’s new workplace operates around the premise of collaboration and agility and our lockers help in this quest. Our smart lockers are self-service, agile, and help realize a more technology-led workplace. The new IT asset management lockers enable contactless interactions with users and IT allowing users a seamless interaction with IT equipment. The design of the workplace alongside smart lockers has helped Deloitte transform into hybrid ways of working enhancing communication, collaboration, and productivity.


11241 Employees


3868 Lockers


1 System

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