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1 New Street Square, London, UK


The new Deloitte Headquarter at 1 New Street Square forms the central hub of the new Deloitte campus. There were five key principles that guided the design of 1NSS. The space needed to be unique, connected, simple, relevant and inspiring. Deloitte was in need for an environment that better met the evolving and diverse needs of their people and clients. The workplace strategy is a reflection of the cultural change they went through – the entire workplace strategy was meant to revolutionise the space to better reflect and positively impact the changing way that Deloitte works. From connecting to enhancing employees wellbeing, inspiring the employees and welcoming its clients – Deloitte’s new workplace has reinvented the way they work.

With a sound sustainability strategy at the heart of the workplace vision that challenged the traditional ‘green building’ thinking, the Deloitte building at 1 New Street Square attained both BREEAM Outstanding certification – a globally recognised method for assessing environmental design, and the WELL Certified™ Gold – a prestigious distinction awarded to workplaces that are designed and operated to enhance people’s health and wellbeing.

The building comprises of 15 floors spread across 280,000 sq ft:

  • 5,500 people sharing 3,500 working positions comprising of 2,000 core positions vs. 1,500 flex positions
  • 8 working floors allocated to business units, 2 shared floors with unallocated workspace available to anyone in our business to use
  • 10 client environment choices co-located in one building e.g. client meeting rooms, event spaces such as The Greenhouse, The Orchard, The Observatory and The Academy plus a choice of dining options


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Thinking about space differently

By breaking the traditional allocation of space, and shifting their thinking to ‘our space’ instead of ‘your desk’ or ‘my office’, the new Deloitte campus was brought to life, for everyone’s use, with spaces that can be booked as needed, and freedom in where and how to work. The new building at 1 New Street Square is designed with in-built flexibility.
More than 5,000 smart lockers (realized together with our partner Yourworkspace), movable walls, multipurpose areas and team spaces that adapt as required. Modular seating that can be shaped and reshaped. From small and cosy to large and capacious, many of our settings can flex, so event spaces become social spaces, which become meeting spaces, which become working spaces. There are guidelines but few rules, mostly to use and enjoy our amazing spaces to the fullest.

Efficiency isn’t just about capacity – Deloitte manages the flexible spaces effectively via their Intelligent Building technology built into 1 New Street Square. The data provides a new level of insight, informing our decisions on how to occupy the building to drive real value in terms of efficiency and an improved user experience. It’s a foundation on which they can continue to learn and improve.

Using live data

A key element is the live ‘heat map’ shown on digital wayfinding screens throughout the building. Connected to sensors, this shows real time availability of working positions and the occupation levels of their amenity spaces. The cleaning and maintenance services are continuously adapted to match busy and quiet times, and predict how to maintain optimum comfort.

Freeing space for people

Changing the mindset around storage allowed Deloitte to free up the space dramatically and give it back to its employees. By introducing smart lockers with expiry dates, reducing five drawers of storage per person to just one, they’ve liberated space they can all share and managed the space more efficiently and improved the working experience for the employees.

From connecting to enhancing employees wellbeing, inspiring the employees and welcoming its clients – Deloitte’s new workplace has reinvented the way they work.


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