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The Edge is Deloitte’s head office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It truly is a smart building: sustainable, innovative and award-winning. Multiple technologies come together in Mapiq, the central platform: workplace management, people find, parking, and the lockers, of course.


The API for our smart lockers ensured a seamless implementation of the system. Users operate the lockers via the Mapiq app. The data it retrieves are used by Deloitte to optimize the office space. This way, they require less than 50% of the surface area that is normally used for lockers. Today, five Deloitte locations run on Mapiq.

2500+ employ­ees
800 lock­ers
22,000 m2
1 sys­tem
Vecos Jan2015 6576
Schermafbeelding 2018 08 21 Om 12 22 24
Vecos Jan2015 6414
Atrium By Night Photo By Ronald Tilleman

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