Stockholm, Sweden


Cybercom’s new main office is characterized by functionality, creativity and harmony. With its focus on the company’s employees, the office has been transformed into an activity-based work environment. To unlock the full potential of the activity-based solution, Cybercom chose the Vecos locker management solution.



Employee-minded and sustainable solution

Cybercom is a leading IT consulting company that enables companies and organisations to benefit from the opportunities of the connected world. In their new location on Sveavägen in Stockholm, Cybercom has created an entirely activity-based work environment. “We have really gone ‘all in’,” says Cybercom’s Head of HR, Cecilia Westerholm Beer.

The choice for activity-based working was motivated by the company’s culture. Cybercom has a marked sustainability profile and a strong focus on its employees. “It is very important that they [the employees] enjoy their work and choose to stay with us. We saw that by offering them a new, creative work environment, we gave them the possibility of even greater involvement and participation,” Westerholm Beer explains.
Activity-based working, requiring less floor space, also contributed to the company’s sustainability. Moreover, it made the central location on Sveavägen possible without increased rent costs or compromising the quality of the work environment.

Smart storage in a flexible work environment

To fully utilize the activity-based solution, Cybercom chose the Vecos locker management solution, provided by our partner Martela. Cybercom’s overall goal is that the employees feel right at home, no matter where they work in the office. The fully customized solutions for storage and workstations allow employees to work care-free. With an access card, employees select the storage space and the desktop – electrically adjustable for optimal ergonomic use – which best fit the situation.


1300 Employees


200 Lockers


1 System

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