Capgemini 147 Paris

Paris, France


Situated in the new business district, « Grand Paris Seine Ouest », d’Issy-les-Moulineaux in France, is the new headquarters of Capgemini, the project is also called “the 147”. This project is a continuation of a global plan for the transformation and modernization of real estate, conducted over the last three years, consisting of consolidating the Capgemini Group’s various sites to offer the functionalities and services corresponding to the real needs of employees.

The new headquarters of Capgemini embraced the new ways of working and is one of the first flex office of Capgemini.



Each Capgemini employee settles where he wants in the morning and at night puts his computer and his personal belongings in a locker that opens with his badge or smartphone.

As “The 147” houses more than 4100 employees it’s important for Capgemini to have an locker management system where the employees can control the lockers in an user-friendly and self-service way. Furthermore the service department needed to be able to remotely control the lockers, have usage reports available and so save time for the management of the lockers.

The Vecos locker management system at Capgemini makes sure that an employee can freely move around in the building as he can take a locker for a certain period of time at the place he’s working that day. At Capgemini they can use both the access badge or the smartphone to control the locker.

Furthermore as part of the innovation plans of Capgemini they will also use Vecos to make further integrations so employees have one workplace Capgemini app to use all the services Capgemini is offering to its employees in the new head office.


4200 Lockers


1 System

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