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With a clear strategy to help clients make the transition to digital businesses, Accenture started by rethinking its own workplace strategy and bringing digitalization into the workplace. The Kronberg Campus is a true landmark and showcase of Accenture’s workplace strategy with its design focused on feel-good, dynamic workplaces with lots of benefits and flexible systems where people can connect, meet, collaborate and also co-create with clients.


With the flexible Vecos locker management system, Accenture Germany was able to support their workplace strategy and help their employees move from a territorial, static working style towards a more dynamic working style.

Based on the data provided by the Vecos system, they were also able to reduce the office storage capacity by 40%: while increasing the number of employees, the number of lockers remained the same. By repurposing the free space, catering and daily shops with new services were created as well as new meeting places where employees can easily meet and exchange mind-sets.

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