545 Queen Street

Brisbane, Australia
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545 Queen Street’s new End-of-Trip (EOT) facilities are a most appealing addition to the 10-storey cutting-edge building that occupies an entire block in Brisbane’s Golden Triangle. With its sleek design, the Vecos smart locker system fits right in.


Functionality meets design

End-of-trip (EoT) facilities are designated places that support those using alternative ways to travel to work, such as cyclists, joggers and walkers. It offers a place to change, shower, store bikes and personal belongings. 545 Queen Street’s new EoT facilities truly complement the contemporary workplaces in the building.

Vecos’ partner Schiavello Systems supplied the 165 Vecos lockers for the sophisticated EoT facilities of 545 Queen Street. In 545 Queen Street’s EoT facilities, functionality and design go hand in hand, which makes Vecos smart locker system the perfect solution. Vecos smart lockers are handleless, resulting in a smooth, streamlined finish. Combined with the carefully selected look for the locker cabinets, they are not an added feature, but truly part of the design.

1000+ occu­pants
170 lock­ers
1 sys­tem
545 queen st eot mirror led gym lockers 02
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