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What is smart storage for flexible offices?

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Companies are moving from traditional to more flexible ways of working. Flexible workspaces, where employees can work in the part of the building that best suits their needs, help to improve productivity. But while space is becoming more functional, individuals still need storage for their personal items. This is where the Vecos locker management system comes in. Employees can move freely around the office, and there is a locker where and when they need it. A user-friendly locker system for employee and facilities managers alike.

Everything can be customised

Whether you have a fixed office or a flexible office, the Vecos locker management system can be customised for all situations. Each locker can be configured as you wish. Lockers for personal storage, team storage, temporary storage, anything is possible.

Innovative and flexible locker system

As a manager, the locker management software gives you, real-time insight into the use of lockers and allows you to assign, open, block and release lockers remotely. In addition, we will help you configure the system to suit your specific needs. Do you want to allocate one locker to one employee, or do you want to automatically allocate a larger locker to people who bring their gym kit, or do you want to allow visitors to have a locker for just one day? Anything is possible!

Did you know?

While 95% of lockers are occupied, only 50% are actually used over a 3-month period. *Based on over 500,000 lockers worldwide and more than a 1 million users (Vecos).

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Dave Garey, Project Man­ag­er, Xerox UK
While the Vecos lock­ers look fan­tas­tic, the soft­ware is absolute­ly inte­gral for me. You can have one per­son look­ing after stor­age for the whole coun­try, rather than some­one on each site look­ing after keys. Any­one with an FM mind would appre­ci­ate the benefits.”
Dave Garey, Project Man­ag­er, Xerox UK
Self-service storage system: Use the company access card or smartphone to control the lockers. Self-service storage system: Use the company access card or smartphone to control the lockers.

Benefits for employees

  • Self-service storage system: Use the company access card or smartphone to control the lockers.
  • Charge a smartphone or tablet with the integrated USB port in the Vecos smart lock.
  • Easy and safe storage wherever they are and whenever they want.
  • Effective remote support when the badge is lost or forgotten.

Benefits for facilities managers

  • No more hassle with keys, batteries or PINs – saving management time.
  • User-friendly software – the manager can control lockers remotely.
  • Real-time view of locker usage with available reports and log files.
  • Personal lockers, team lockers, visitor lockers, everything is configurable.
  • The system can be integrated into a (future) application or dashboard.
  • Safe and secure, fully compliant with GDPR standards.

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