09 Apr 2019

The perfect installation and teamwork resulted in another very happy customer

In March, we successfully delivered the Vecos smart locker system to the Nestlé headquarter office located in Vevey, Switzerland. Over the last two years, the Swiss headquarter office has been transformed into a smart building with integrated technologies. One of many prerequisites were open-plan office spaces provided with smart storage facilities.

The project was very ambitious with tight deadlines, and a great team spirit and a constructive collaboration between the Vecos and Nestlé teams involved made the difference.

The Vecos team has delivered a substantial contribution to the success of this project by showing continuous commitment to solve the client's problems and challenges during the entire process, from the installation to go-live.

This is why we received a very big «Thank you» from our customer, expressing pride and gratitude towards all the team members who turned this project into an absolute success.

Alexandre Hedman, Workplace Design & Space Management Manager explains:

All smart lockers are fully operational and the users seem already delighted by this new functionality. And I can tell you there could not have been a place more visible for your solution among the thousands of Nestlé buildings around the world.”

Another happy customer enjoying the functionalities of the smart lockers from Vecos!